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How to properly care for and charge your eBike batteries

How to properly care for and charge your eBike batteries

from Moving This phenomenon is well known to us: at some point it seems that the battery requires a charge of electricity every ten minutes.
The service life of eBike batteries is also never short. Like any lithium-ion battery, it ages naturally, even if you don’t use it. The noticeable result: the battery loses capacity over time. affected aging process This is mainly due to the type and duration of stress, as well as maintenance.

which factors age The battery can be greatly shortened by heavy use, storage at an ambient temperature of more than 30°C, or longer storage in a fully full or completely empty condition.

Also parking at the eBike scorching sun Regular “running out” of the battery causes the batteries to age faster than necessary.

But you can also help age To extend the batteries.

What’s particularly important is the stress and storage time: the ideal state of charge for longer storage times is 30 to 60 percent, i.e. two to three diodes lit on the battery battery indicator. If you commute with your bike every day, it’s important to park it in the shade or in a cool room whenever possible.

Dirt also damages the battery: for them cleaning A suitable damp cloth. Connector shafts should be cleaned occasionally and lightly lubricated. The battery must be removed before cleaning the e-bike. To protect electronic components, batteries should not be cleaned with a direct jet of water or even high pressure.