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Loop Hero announces Nintendo Switch • Nintendo Connect

Loop Hero announces Nintendo Switch • Nintendo Connect

Nintendo announced during today’s Indie World Showcase hero ring This year too Nintendo Switch He will draw his circles. The Lich has caught the world in an immortal ring and plunged its inhabitants into endless chaos! Use an increasing array of mystical cards to place enemies, buildings and terrain on each of the unique campaign episodes and face these challenges.

One that was well received by critics hero ring It now has more than 800,000 players in its endless adventure steam welcome. In June, Four Quarters revealed the game’s first major update, focusing on community feedback, quality of life improvements, new tiles, and enemies!

New features include:

  • Save on the go: The update offers the ability to save and exit the game in the middle of an expedition, so that progress is preserved!
  • Deck Perks: New option locks boss privileges so they don’t appear in the campaign’s feature set.
  • Escape from battle: Heroes and heroines concerned with security can now escape with 30% of their resources while fighting.
  • Faster: The speed button now includes up to four times the speed of expedition and 2.5 times the speed of combat.
  • Inventory Management: Items in inventory can now be locked by right-clicking.
  • change deck: Decks can now be changed in the Cards, Supplies, and Perks lists.
  • New tiles, new enemies: Three new tiles and two new enemies have been added to the game, but it’s up to you to find them.

In addition, Noclip’s video game documentation team presented a film about the genesis of hero ring – From Ludum Dare Game-Jam to Steam Bestseller – Published. Check the documentation here:

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