Some WhatsApp on X users recently received warning messages about their Google Drive storage space. Android users are affected because WhatsApp backups are usually backed up via their Google account. So far, the size of these backups has not affected the available storage space on Google Drive.

However, the WhatsApp backup is now taking up storage space on Google Drive, leading to space issues for many users, according to technology portal WhatsApp chats and media can be up to five GB in size. When combined with other files like photos and emails, the 15GB of free storage space on Google Drive can quickly run out.

In order to prepare in time for the upcoming change in WhatsApp, users will receive a notification. According to, you have the opportunity to back up or clean up your conversations and data within 30 days. The best way to do this is to save it directly to your device or use an external hard drive.

For those who want to continue using Google Drive, there is an option to purchase additional storage. For example, you get 100GB per month for 2€. Alternatively, according to, you can set up a separate Google account exclusively for WhatsApp backups. This means your main account remains free for data and other apps.