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Amazon Prime Day 2024 will take place on July 16-17

Amazon Prime Day 2024 will take place on July 16-17

Annual Amazon Prime Day It has evolved into one of the most important events in online trading. Customers can register on July 16 and 17, 2024 Once again on big discounts Best deals Be happy.

New offers will be posted throughout this period, so they're available now to Prime members Prime Day 10 There is always something new to discover. You can also look forward to personalized deals: “Deals you might like,” “Deals for you,” and “Deals on items you've saved.”

Prime members also have access to a greater variety of collections designed specifically for them. These include everyday products, top brands, products particularly favored by customers, top 100 offers and current trend offers

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Prime Day in Austria

After being named Austria's best sausage by a top-tier jury last year, which was available to Prime members for free at selected sausage kiosks on Prime Day, the 'Prime Sausages' are now in the running for the award. World record. Amazon, along with Upper Austria's Meyer Butcher and a prominent world record team, is competing to reclaim Austria's Guinness World Record title: the world's longest string sausage.

Amazon and Myer Butcher Shop are being supported by a specially trained team for the world record attempt. tony Bolster, sylvia schneider, billy Sterich, Sunshine Catering And Devil Bratan With the help of Amazon employees and selected sausage specialists, 25,000 “premium sausages” will be tied into a 4-kilometre-long sausage chain on July 11 under the watchful eyes of the official Guinness World Records judges in Suvensalen.

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The goal of this campaign is to break the current Guinness World Record for longest hot dog chain and give Prime members one of 25,000 world-record hot dogs for free at a hot dog stand near them on Prime Day. Customers can find a list of participating sausage stands throughout Austria at:

Terms of participation

To am To be able to participate in Prime DayDo Master mode necessary:

With delivery address in Germany or Austria Do you pay:

  • €8.99 per month or
  • 89.90 euros per year

As a requester with delivery address at Germany or Austria Do you pay:

  • €4.49 per month or
  • €44.90 per year

Our tip: If you haven't gotten a membership yet, take advantage of the free trial month.

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What discounts can I expect?

Quantity of discounts It varies greatly. Downstream, Of the goods required is only a small percentage Expected discount. It looks different Last year's merchandise Or products whose prices have already dropped. particularly clothes It is often significantly reduced in mid-July due to… Summer products They are sold at a discount of 30 percent or more.

Technology products in focus

Technical products from Well-known brandswhich already Longer in trade It will be especially attractive again this year. This affects, among other things, older models of smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices.

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