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HTL Project: Students install photovoltaic and energy storage systems themselves

HTL Project: Students install photovoltaic and energy storage systems themselves

As part of the thesis, a photovoltaic system was installed at the headquarters of HTL Karlstein and an energy storage unit was installed. The students planned this system themselves on the computer and produced the special parts required for assembly in the workshops.

Karlstein. The modules themselves are attached to the building with standard PV assembly components and are commissioned in cooperation with Rauch.

With this photovoltaic system with energy storage, it is possible to supply the electronics laboratory with two 3D printers around the clock with energy self-sufficiency. Excess electricity is consumed in the local network. Through this project, the students were able to learn a lot about photovoltaics and carry out all the important steps themselves, from planning to production to assembly.

Energy self-sufficient 3D printing

The system is also used in separation to supply electricity for 3D printing. In electrotechnical laboratory exercises, students can perform measurements and learn practical energy management as part of a photovoltaic system and storage (Fronius transformers and BYD energy storage).

Jonas Bauer (left) and Jan Niedereder evaluated the data on different terminal devices - a smartphone or in a browser.  |  Photo: HTL Karlstein

Energy data is recorded in different systems and evaluated with students.

“We are delighted that after so long a pandemic the system can finally be completed and is now providing clean solar power for the lab and HTL Karlstein. We would like to thank everyone who supported us on this exciting project!”
HTL Karlstein

Jonas Bauer, Jan Niederder and Ahmed Tenever (from left) from the 4th grade of the Technical School of Mechatronics |  Photo: HTL Karlstein
The three students assemble photovoltaic modules as part of their thesis.  |  Photo: HTL Karlstein