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HTL: The school takes home a prize in the Open Botball robotics competition

HTL: The school takes home a prize in the Open Botball robotics competition

Once a year, international teams compete with self-built and programmed robots at the European Educational Robotics Congress (ECER) to show off their talent. In January, the tasks for this season have been changed and preparations can begin.

street. Bolten. In the next nine weeks, 28 students from HTL St. Pölten has a lot of free time to prepare for the competition. In the week before the Easter break, all efforts paid off and the four inter-divisional teams were able to put their skills to the test. In the Open Botball category, HTL St. Pölten finished first in the classification, double elimination, and overall.

Major successes of HTL St.  Pölten at the European Conference on Educational Robotics.  |  Photo: HTL St.  Polten

right in front

For the first time, robotics workshops were also held for lower grades in 2023. HTL St. Pölten also inspires young people with technology in 11 workshops. At ECER, two schools in Lower Austria showed their talent for so-called challenges with their robots. The teams from NÖMS Böheimkirchen and EMS Prinzersdorf took first place each with 7 ex aequo challenges.

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