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Samsung engineers accidentally reveal top secret company details on ChatGPT

Samsung engineers accidentally reveal top secret company details on ChatGPT

Many technology companies, including Samsung, enable their employees to use ChatGPT to make their daily work more efficient. For example, Samsung Semiconductor has allowed the use of a chatbot to make programming work easier.

The engineers used the chatbot for about a month, passing on top-secret internal company data such as session notes about hardware, Samsung’s semiconductor business, and code, unaware of the security risks. A total of three security incidents occurred during this short period of time. However, the OpenAI FAQ specifically states that conversations with a chatbot can be reviewed by AI trainers to improve the systems:

Your conversations may be reviewed by our AI trainers to improve our systems.

Conversations with AI also end up on the OpenAI server – even particularly sensitive ones. Additionally, there is a possibility that the company’s data could also end up with other users of the chatbot, since the AI ​​uses content from communication with humans to learn. In order to ensure data security in Samsung in the future, the company plans to develop its own artificial intelligence. Until then, the company is asking employees not to share confidential data with the AI, as further security incidents could result in the bot being banned.

In the event of a similar incident even after emergency information protection measures have been taken, access to ChatGPT may be blocked on the corporate network.