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Hubble is slowly recovering, NASA is looking for a solution

Hubble is slowly recovering, NASA is looking for a solution

The space telescope is preparing for NASA Still worrying. At least there is hope now. After two weeks Hubble It is set to safe mode, it can be partially reactivated.

Hubble Science Instruments Delivered October 23 Error messages, they can no longer synchronized. Restarting the tools seems to solve the problem to this day October 25 The same thing happened. The tools switched to safe mode via programming – Hubble could no longer do what it was actually designed for.

Hubble is back in action

As NASA reports, on 7. November To restore at least one of the tools that Advanced Camera for Suveys. This is one of the newer tools that was installed in 2002. It is used to depict large areas of the sky in great detail.

While the advanced camera is now collecting data again, the other tools are still in safe mode. The advanced camera was chosen as the first reactivation tool, because, according to NASA, there are the least number of problems if the synchronization error is repeated.

Software solution can help

Meanwhile, NASA is trying to pinpoint the problem. The main suspect currently is Connecting the console. The console generates sync messages and forwards them to the devices.

An alternative solution might be to install a software update for Hubble. This may recognize and compensate for the absence of a synchronization message so that the tools do not automatically go to safe mode again.

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Hubble has been in space for more than 30 years

The older Hubble gets, the more failures there will be. The space telescope was Started in 1990. So far there has been 5 service missionsTo extend the life of Hubble. Last found 2009 instead of.

This year, NASA had a big problem with Hubble. The space telescope should be in safe mode for about a month. The fault was the PCU, which regulates the voltage supply to the Science Instrument Command & Data Handling System.