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Hubert von Goisern Prize for Musicians of "Ischgl Blues" -

Hubert von Goisern Prize for Musicians of “Ischgl Blues” –


Marcus Hinterberger, the son of a hotel owner in Saalbach, caused a stir over the course of two years with “Ischgl Blues” and other fast-paced songs. At the end of May, he and other musicians were awarded the Hubert von Goisern Culture Prize for his songs.

Marcus Hinterberger (born in 2000) has become a “true hero in the world of social media,” according to the award’s cause. With his film “Ischgl-Blues” from 2020, he denounced the excesses of tourism, in “Bürgermeister-Blues” a year later and criticized the practice of devotion to holiday regions.

Jury praises ‘flexibility’

The statement said Hinterberger’s songs were “moved by the spirit of resistance against a society in which the deeds of the few are placed above the common good.” He managed to carry on the tradition of the protest song with clear and simple words – all he needed was his guitar.

In addition to Markus Hinterberger, British-Austrian singer and musician Alicia Danner who lives in Vienna, and Ingrid Hofer of Vorarlberg will also be honoured.

Awarded May 27 in Radstadt

The Hubert von Goisern Culture Prize 2022 will be awarded on May 27 in Radstadt (Bongau). From 135 submissions, a five-person jury selected three award winners this year. The prize, with a total value of €15,000, is awarded initially for commitment and extraordinary achievements in the field of art and culture, particularly in the field of music.

According to the founder, you should also support inspiring and inspiring people and promote innovative solutions and ideas that benefit the common good. “I was supported by many people in the early days of my bankruptcy. And those people did it because they believed in what I do,” Hubert von Goisern wrote of his award motive. He wants to support people who artistically engage with the world in a way that he thinks is exciting and important. The award is awarded for the fifth time this year.

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