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Hundreds demonstrate against Islamism in Hamburg

Hundreds demonstrate against Islamism in Hamburg

As of: May 4, 2024 at 4:09 p.m

A week ago, about 1,000 supporters of the group “Muslim Interaktiv” demonstrated on Steindamstrasse near Hamburg Central Station. A counter-demonstration was held at the same location on Saturday.

According to police, about 800 people participated in the march in St. George this afternoon. The protesters came from very different camps. Iranian, Israeli, German, rainbow flags, Antifa symbols and various German party logos can be seen. Banners and banners bore slogans such as “Against all anti-Semitism,” “No to the Islamic Republic,” and “Matriarchy instead of caliphate.”

“A strong message against hate”

Speakers also included prominent Hamburg politicians, including CDU parliamentary group leader Denis Thering. “Today, Hamburg sent a strong signal against hatred and agitation, and there is no place for Islamism in us,” Thering said. The leaders of the parliamentary group of the Social Democratic Party, Dirk Kinscherff, and the Green Party, Dominik Lorenzen, also spoke to the demonstrators in Steindam.

The Kulturbrücke association, among others, called for demonstrations against Islamism and anti-Semitism. A broad coalition of organizations, clubs and democratic parties joined the call. “We decided not to give this street to the Islamists,” said Horva Burkian from Kulturbrücke Hamburg.

National anger after the Islamic demonstration

The demonstration was organized by the Association of Secular Islam and the Kurdish community in Germany. They are demanding a clear ban on the “Muslim Interactive” group, which organized the demonstration a week ago. At the march, about 1,000 demonstrators strongly denounced what they saw as anti-Islam policies and media reports in Germany. In addition, caliphate was advocated as a solution to social problems. The demonstration sparked widespread anger nationwide.

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The Internal Committee for Hamburg Citizenship will deal with this issue at the beginning of June.

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