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Hungary plans power to control EU funds – dpa

uThe right-wing government of Najran, under pressure from European Union He introduced a second legislative package aimed at preventing the misuse of EU funds. In essence, it involves the creation of the Integrity Commission. It aims to facilitate the prevention, detection and correction of potential fraud, conflicts of interest, corruption and other irregularities in the use of EU funds. The proposed legislation was posted on the Hungarian Parliament’s website late Friday evening.

A week ago, the government submitted a first draft of a law in this regard. It provides for the inconsistency regulation for members of the Board of Trustees of Public Institutions and the improvement of administrative assistance to the European Union Corruption Investigation Body, Olaf.

After years of allegations of misuse of EU funds and violations of the rule of law, the EU Commission has proposed reducing payments of about 7.5 billion euros from the EU budget to Hungary. Meanwhile, it gave Budapest two months to rectify the violations and thereby exit from the rule of law procedures with impunity.

independent of the government

According to the draft, the new Integrity Commission should operate independently of the government. However, the President of Hungary appoints its president and two deputies on the proposal of the President of the Hungarian Court of Audit. The three people will get a six-year mandate.