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Die neue Husqvarna FC 250

Husqvarna introduces 2023 MXGP crossover/world championship models

Husqvarna introduced two new two-stroke crossovers (125 and 250 cc) and two new four-strokes (250 and 350 cc). The FC 450 also received a lot more than just a facelift. The new design in gray is striking.

Husqvarna introduced its 2023 lineup of TC and FC models. In addition to the striking new design and color combinations, the models received new engines, a redesigned suspension, new tires, swingarms and accessories.

The first thing that catches the eye is the new color scheme for the 23 models. While Husqvarna bikes have always come in the traditional colors of white and blue with contrasting yellow, gray has now been added, which will certainly lead to one discussion or the other. Aside from the bold design choice, the 23 models actually feature some significant technical innovations.

The TC 125 and TC 250 are the two strokes in Husqvarna’s lineup. They now have Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) as standard and are equipped with a switch. Fuel injection should provide better performance and power delivery as well as increased reliability, which in turn should lower the total cost of ownership.

The FC 250 and FC 350 models are powered by newly developed four-stroke engines that are more powerful and lighter. But the engines also help improve the overall handling. Both models have electronic driving aids. The FC 450 also features a modified and modified engine, further improving the centralization of mass and therefore handling.

The new WP XACT 48mm front fork features an improved hydrostop surface and therefore more advanced damping overall, which should effectively prevent bottoming. The rear shock absorber (WP XACT) is equipped with a new hydraulic piston and has tool-free adjustment options. All bikes are equipped with a ProTaper clutch, Brembo clutch and Dunlop tires as well as a select engine characteristic mapping switch.

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A glimpse of the innovations:

  • New, thinner chrome-molybdenum frame design to improve the motorcycle’s maneuverability
  • New aluminum swing arm with improved rigidity and reduced weight at the same time
  • New throttle body injection for two-stroke engines
  • FC 250 and FC 350 DOHC 4-Stroke Engines with Enhanced Torque and Power
  • Quickshift upshift sensor on all four-stroke models
  • Electric starter for two-stroke models
  • Hybrid aluminum-polyamide subframe with improved rigidity and durability
  • New 48mm WP XACT front fork with AER technology and more advanced damping at the end of the stroke
  • New Design WP XACT Inhibitor with Tool-Free Tuners
  • The new multi-function map select switch, also for speed control, traction and launch control
  • Brembo . hydraulic clutch
  • ProTaper steering wheel
  • 2.0 Ah Li-Ion Battery Electric Starter

The 2023 motocross kit will now be available from all authorized dealers.