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Hydrogen power plant testing instead of natural gas

Hydrogen power plant testing instead of natural gas

Environment and climate

The Donaustadt power plant in Vienna is seeing its first demonstration this week: hydrogen is mixed with the energy source normally used, which is natural gas. It is the first operational test of this kind worldwide on such a gas and steam turbine system.

According to a joint statement by the project partners, the aim of the experiment is to gain critical knowledge for converting installed power and heat plants into green gases. The participants are Wien Energie, Rhein Energie, Siemens Energy and Verbund. The importance of the project is emphasized far beyond the project partners. More than 115 of the gas turbine models used at the Donaustadt power plant are in use in Europe alone.

High carbon dioxide saving potential

About ten million euros will be invested in the project. According to the broadcast, different amounts of hydrogen will be added in several test days from mid-July to mid-September. Starting at five percent by volume, it increases up to 15 percent. In further testing, the goal is to increase the mixture to about 30 percent.

If the campaign is successful, the system must be certified for continued operation. Even with a 15-volume mixing of green hydrogen, about 33,000 tons of carbon dioxide would be saved each year at the Donaustadt power plant, which generates electricity for, among other things, about 850,000 households.

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