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I like to attract the team along with my attitude at work

I like to attract the team along with my attitude at work

( – Not only did Fernando Alonso impress his new team Aston Martin at the Formula 1 test drive in Bahrain, but also some competitors and experts with his speed. While many were still surprised or skeptical when his change was announced, those voices have been silenced for the time being.

Fernando Alonso has every reason to smile after his test in Bahrain

Alonso himself exercises restraint after the promising test. “Well, we’ll have to wait and see if we do well next week, then the comments will come back,” the 41-year-old said when asked about the doubters. “It’s always something that will come from the fans.”

“We have to focus on ourselves. I think last year was very difficult for the team. But you always learn from these challenges.”

Aston Martin finished only seventh in the 2022 Formula 1 season, three places behind Alpine, Alonso’s team at the time. Therefore, many did not understand why the Spaniard signed with Aston Martin.

Alonso: 95 percent of the car is new

But Alonso was convinced of the potential and sees himself confirmed: “I think the team has made a lot of progress. We had new people designing the car, 95 percent of the car is new. So it’s not easy to put the car in this week, but we’re doing our best.”

Trying it is a “definite” feature. “I give 100 percent. That’s what I ask of the team too. I’m first in the morning and last out at night. I think everyone on the team does more because they know I do too,” reveals the collaboration.

Formula 1 expert Marc Surer also believes Alonso can inspire the Aston staff with this attitude. “He motivates the team,” he said in an interview published in full on the YouTube channel on Tuesday (subscribe now!

) is posted. “If they had one question for the driver, ‘Where is he?’ Ah, he’s already gone home… “It’s bad.”

Surer: The work ethic is reminiscent of Schumacher’s

“The fact that Alonso is of course hungry and still wants to prove in his old age that he can be competitive at the front is certainly a motivator for him,” Surer teaches and makes a meaningful comparison. “The way of working is reminiscent of Michael Schumacher, who was always first and then last in the evening.”

Alonso always has his goal clearly in mind. “I returned to the sport because perhaps these regulations give us the opportunity to fight for competitive positions,” says the 41-year-old, who celebrated his last podium in Qatar in 2021.

“When I stopped in 2018, only Mercedes, Bottas and Hamilton won every race,” the two-time world champion looks back. “Now we hope someone can stop Red Bull, even if it is very difficult. But we will take a step in 2023. Hopefully another step in 2024.”