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i.MX8M: Geniatech offers an alternative to Raspberry Pi


Manufacturer Geniatech has now introduced the i.MX8M single-board computer. With an overall size of 85mm x 56mm, the computer is a replacement for the Raspberry Pi, among other things. For this reason, the GPIO bar (40-pin) is compatible with the Pi, however, it should be noted that the i.MX8M uses a total of four ARM Cortex-A53 cores (1.8 GHz). When it comes to RAM, boards can be purchased with a capacity of up to 4 GB. Up to 128GB of eMMC storage can be stored as hard disks.

In addition to four USB 2.0 interfaces, an HDMI connection and a Gigabit LAN port can be used. There is also a TF card slot and headphone jack on the board. An additional MIPI DSI port and a CSI input can also be used to power the camera. The image is displayed in 1080p resolution. The USB Type C port is responsible for the power supply. According to the datasheet, both Yocto (Linux) and Free RTOS are supported as operating systems.

Pricing for the i.MX8M starts at $90. Single board computer can be used directly in Online Store from the manufacturer.

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