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Ice hockey in the United States and Canada

Ice hockey in the United States and Canada


Madison Square Garden, New York. Photo: Seth Hoffman.

True ice hockey fans should travel to North America. Canada and the United States are the top ice hockey nations with the highest international rankings. Read on to find outWhat entry requirements should you consider if you want to attend an ice hockey game in the United States or Canada?

An ice hockey player is the best

Canada and the United States have occupied the top spots in the world rankings for several years. Along with American football, baseball and basketball, ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in North America. Teams from Canada and the United States play in the National Hockey League (NHL). Of the 32 participating teams, 25 teams are from the United States and 7 teams are from Canada. The NHL is considered the best professional ice hockey league in the world. A true fan of the game Go to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and see the star players in action. This is easily possible with an eTA or ESTA without going through complicated visa procedures.

Place Men points Women points
1 Canada 4150 Canada 4250
2 Finland 4080 America 4220
3 Russia 4050 Switzerland 3965
4 America 3940 Finland 3920
5 Germany 3835 Republic of Che 3890

World rankings after the 2023 World Championships. Source:

Entry into the United States or Canada

Do you want to attend one of the NHL games and cheer on your favorite American or Canadian team? It requires some preparation, including applying for an entry permit. German travelers generally do not need a visa to enter the United States and Canada. Instead you can apply for a Digital Travel Authorization, also known as ESTA USA or eTA Canada. You can use eTA and Apply for ESTA in just a few minutes using the online form. Once issued, the ESTA and eTA will be sent by email. So there is no need to visit the US or Canadian Embassy in person.

Video on ESTA Application:

ESTA for USA is valid for two years, eTA for Canada is valid for 5 years. ESTA allows you to stay in the US for up to 90 consecutive days. eTA allows a maximum stay of 6 months. This gives you enough time to play multiple games. Are you traveling to the US first and then to Canada to attend the game? If you are traveling to Canada by land, you do not need an eTA or visa. However, for the US, whether you enter by plane, car or bus, you always need an ESTA or visa.

Do you meet all the requirements for entry with ESTA and eTA? Submit your application now so you can soon be hailing the NHL’s best players.

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