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ICE Hockey League: Vienna Capitals vs Red Bull Salzburg Live

ICE Hockey League: Vienna Capitals vs Red Bull Salzburg Live

Decisive Match LIVE on PULS 24. The ICE Hockey League’s one-day semi-final win series between Red Bull Salzburg and Vienna Capitals can be decided on Wednesday by a Bulls win. Game 4 is now live in the stream.

After winning 4-0 at home on Monday night against Vienna capitals Situations Red Bull Salzburg Before entering the final of the Ice Hockey League Playoffs win2day. Missing victory in the “Best-of-Seven” series over a sweep. Thus, the Bulls could pull off this feat against rivals from Vienna after being promoted undefeated in the quarter-final against Znojmo.

Capitals vs. Salzburg from 7:25 pm in the live broadcast

Can the Hats start back in the series in front of a home crowd or does Salzburg clear it all up and reach the final? The Vienna vs Salzburg classic match can be watched live on PULS 24 from 7:25 pm.

win2day ICE Hockey League LIVE ON PULS 24:

Sposo Vienna Capitals vs Red Bull Salzburg
Wednesdays at 7:25pm LIVE on PULS 24

PULS 24 hockey team:
Commentator: Martin Pfanner
Expert: Daniel Welser
Field Reporter: Lucas Capone

ICE Hockey League, NHL and National Football League live on free TV on PULS 4 and PULS 24 and in streaming at ZAPPN app.

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