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ICE: KAC celebrates its 15th consecutive derby against VSV – winter sports – ice hockey

ICE: KAC celebrates its 15th consecutive derby against VSV – winter sports – ice hockey

KAC celebrates the 15th derby in a row!

In the Ice Hockey League’s Round 39 follow-up match, Klagenfurt maintained the upper hand 6-0 against VSV in the 342nd Carinthian derby. On their home ground, the Red Jackets have not dropped a point against their domestic rivals since February 2, 2016. During this period, they now have 45:0 points and 56:17 goals.

The game starts at an appropriate pace, the first big chance coming back to Obersteiner, who tests Bernard for the first (fourth) time. Würschl made a well-deserved lead with his first goal of the season after ten minutes. Until the end of the first third, KAC exerts a lot of pressure, VSV is mainly occupied with defensive work.

In the middle third, Strong (24) single-handedly made it 2-0. Coming from the left, the defensive player floods the disc with a back rib. After a double chance of cracks by KAC Hundertpfund (28 min) and Postma (29 min) by Kosmachuck (33 min), Maxa (35 min) and Moderer (37 min), VSV came back into play for a short while and set second. half period.

The last part, however, belongs to the hosts again: Ganahl (44, 56), Fraser (46, PP) and Würschl (58) completed a half-dozen. Ganahl is served independently at a hundred pounds in front of Bernard and closed dry. Freezer put the disc into Power play after Ticar-Assist to make it 4-0 in the meantime. 5-0 makes Janal, who collects the double set with the help of Bernard. Würschl also scored a rebound for the second time in the 58th minute.

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In the table, KAC moves to third with an average of 1,676 points and scores important points toward the playoffs. VSV is fighting for a direct qualification in sixth place (1588 points).

Sharks win in Dornbirn

The Innsbrucker High team celebrated their undisputed 5:2 victory over the Dornbirn Bulldogs in their 34th round follow-up match.

In the middle of the first period, the sharks take the lead through Leavens. After the first attempt missed Bulldogs’ goal, the Canadian snatched the rebound from the rink and sank the ball from close range in the 11th minute. The game develops very quickly, but real opportunities are rare until just before the break. Only 33 seconds before the end of the period, Vorarlberg managed to equalize: Rosica scored from the hole and regained the equaliser. 30 seconds later, just three seconds before the first break, Huntebrinker shot the guests in front again.

The second half begins immediately with the Bulldogs equalizing through Macherzinski (21′). Feldner was only able to bring Hay forward after a deep pass in the 35th minute. Despite the intense final phase of the second half, Hay put their lead back into the second half.

In the last section, Haie included clear terms. 4:2 by Dostie (42) forces the Bulldogs to take guard Lundin off the ice early in the final stage. Lattner guarantees the end result with Empty-Netter (56).

Pustertal is also superior to the Black Wings

In a Round 37 follow-up match, HC Pustertal celebrated a 3-1 home win against Black Wings Linz.

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The first trimester remains largely uneventful. Linzers gain slight advantages, but no goals were scored until the end of the first half.

Then the match became more intense in the middle, and Bowdish scored the first goal for the hosts after 24 minutes of playing on strong play. Just two minutes later, Stockel boosted the wolves’ advance. In the 26th minute he got a weak pass from Linz, keeper Koro stormed in and scored goals to make the score 2-0. The Black Wings scored a goal in the 38th minute when Leppler pushed the ball into the goal of the fans.

In the final third, Wolves took their fourth straight win with a 3-1 victory through Gerlach (56th place).

Thanks to the home win, the Pustertalers hold 1,513 points per game and move up to eighth. The Black Wings maintained their thirteenth place with 0.837 points per game.

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