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grades!  Individual criticism of OSC Lille against Sturm Graz

grades! Individual criticism of OSC Lille against Sturm Graz

It was a conciliatory farewell to international business.

After an impressive performance, SK Sturm managed to earn a draw away to OSC Lille in the second leg of their Europa League Round of 16 match (Match Report>>>).

The Blackies showed a much better collective face than they did a week ago in Graz. No player really dropped, and one or two impressed across the board.

No, first To do this, distribute grades to all Sturm players (1=very good, 2=good, 3=satisfactory, 4=adequate, 5=unsatisfactory).

Veclav Jaros – 90 minutes – Score: 3

This time I didn't have to make as many saves as I did in the first leg. He often had some problems in the corners at the start, but other than that there was nothing for the Czech to hold on to for long. Not even at 0:1. His best moment came with his great save against Yazigi.

Max Johnston – Until the 90th minute – Score: 3

The young Scot initially had his problems with Lille's dynamic left side around Haraldsson and Capela. But it stabilized as the game progressed and eventually the game stopped.

Gregory Wethrich – Until the 61st minute – Score: 1

The Defense Minister closed many gaps at the back and made the attacking line dangerous. Although Perez were ultimately on the last line, the goal that made the score 1-1 was primarily his. After a great performance, he was replaced about an hour later with a minor injury.

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Dimitri Lavallee – 90 minutes – Score: 2

He couldn't get the ball clear enough before going 1-0 up, but that's not a huge surprise considering the pace. Otherwise, Lille's team was as stable as usual and not disturbed much, and this time, Lille, along with Wuterich and Avengruber, moved away from their goal more effectively than a week ago.

Yusuf Gazibegovic – 90 minutes – Score: 2

He showed that he can play as a left-back as well as a right-back. Convinced throughout the entire match with a lot of attacking leadership without neglecting the defence.

Stefan Herlander – 90 minutes – Score: 3

In his first appearance in the starting lineup of 2024, he was more or less invisible except for a header attempt after 29 minutes. As he moved back, he seemed a bit annoyed by Lille's high pace. In the end, it was clear that he had run out of steam.

John Gorenc Stankovic – 90 minutes – Score: 3

The match started a bit poorly, with some mistakes in the build-up, but they quickly recovered and showed the usual stable performance.

Tommy Horvat – Until the 68th minute – Score: 2

After just two minutes, he could have ensured a more exciting encounter than it ended up being, but he lacked conviction when it came to his big chance from close range. The corner that hit the second post perfectly before making it 1-1 was even better. Overall, a good game from the Slovenian.

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Otar Ketishvili – Until the 45th minute – Score: 3

One of the standout players in Graz's strong start, but then disappeared completely. He was substituted during the break for protection reasons.

Simon Wlodarczyk – 90 minutes – Score: 3

For the first time this calendar year, a chance in the starting lineup for the pole. He can only use this to a limited extent. He worked hard against the ball, but was rarely involved in his team's line-ups and, with the exception of a header shortly after the break, remained mostly harmless.

Mika Perez – Until the 45th minute – Score: 2

He prepared Horvat's early goal with great concentration, but then stopped for a long time. Shortly before the end of the first half his best moment came when he extended Wüthrich's header and thus “stole” his goal from the Swiss. He also rested in the first half.

Alexander Bras – from the 46th minute – Score: 3

After missing the previous week due to injury, he was rested as a starter this time around. He entered the game at halftime and brought some fresh air. But he didn't tear down any trees either.

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Amadi Camara – from the 46th minute – Score: 3

He impressed with his carefree attitude when he came on as a substitute, but he rarely had the ball after that. And when he was, something impressive usually happened.

David Affengruber – from the 60th minute – Score: 2

With him in the back four, Graz's defense did not become any less stable – on the contrary. Although at the time he was substituted, Lille was only at half capacity.

William Boving – from the 68th minute – Score: 3

His replacement brought a little fresh air. But the Great Dane's accents were missing.

Niklas Gerhofer – From the 79th minute – Score: Used very briefly

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