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IFFCO launches the new “Potato Snack” » Leaderscent

IFFCO launches the new “Potato Snack” » Leaderscent

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| 03/14/2023

The snack creation should be suitable as a side dish or between meals.

Whether as a small meal or as an addition to a snack: Efko now wants to entice snack lovers with its latest addition to the range. “Kartoffel Jause” is made from 100% Austrian potatoes and is available in three varieties in 200g glass jars. In this way, the company wants to attract consumers who want to snack consciously and sustainably.

Efko has been processing fresh, local fruits and vegetables for over 80 years. “The basis of efko’s delicious potato snack is high-quality potatoes from local cultivation. This enables us to guarantee short transport routes. Thus, Efko provides an important sustainability impetus along the entire value chain,” explains Markus Loftensteiner, Marketing Director of the company. .

Mediterranean, hearty or steric

  • In the Mediterranean version of the potato snack, Austrian potatoes meet Italian flavour. Here, sun-dried tomatoes and Italian seasoning should provide variety.
  • The heartfelt alternative to product innovation must also register with consumers. Iffco here relies on bacon cubes as well as pieces of cucumber, pepper and onion.
  • Crunchy pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil are the centerpiece of this Styrian potato snack. This alternative should also convince customers with its refined taste profile.

According to Iveco, the new potato snack will be available in grocery stores “soon.”

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