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Chat GBT CTO Mira Moratti calls for the regulation of artificial intelligence

Chat GBT CTO Mira Moratti calls for the regulation of artificial intelligence

ChatGPT, The chatbot from the US company OpenAI has been on everyone’s lips for months.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI and head of the ChatGPT project, has also been in the media spotlight since the hype surrounding the AI ​​software.

Less well known, but no less important, is the woman who played a major role in the development of the chatbot: Mira MorattiChief Technology Officer (CTO) of OpenAI.

Born in Albania, I went from Mechanical Engineering to Technical Director to OpenAI Summit.

Before the 35-year-old came to OpenAI, she was an intern in 2011, among other things Goldman SachsHe worked from 2012 to 2013 Zodiac Aerospace He spent three years in Tesla.

since 2018 She is Mira Moratti at OpenAI, since May 2022 as Chief Technology Officer.

Almost half a year after taking office, Open AI was already making progress chat before.

In an interview with the magazine time As of February 2023, Moratti admitted that they were a little afraid of being released.

Meanwhile, however, Murati is looking forward to possibilitiesoffered by the chatbot: “It has enormous potential to help us with personal education,” Moratti said in an interview with “Time.”

However, Moratti does not want to completely ignore the danger posed by artificial intelligence.

In an interview with Time magazine, she cautioned against using it without regulation and control: “We’re a small group of people and we need more input into this system and more input beyond technology — certainly from regulators and governments and everyone else too.”

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