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SCR Altach, WSG Tirol, #WSGALT

Important away win for SCR Altach over WSG Tirol in the relegation battle

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In the 26th round of the Bundesliga’s Admiral’s Championship, WSG Tirol’s duel against SCR Altach was on the program on Saturday. Vorarlbergers celebrated in Direct relegation battle Duel 0:3 win Away. This means that the struggle to stay in the league can hardly be surpassed in terms of excitement!

The match started with two clearly superior hosts. WSG Tirol found the first opportunity with a long-range shot from Prica in the fifth minute. The guest goalkeeper Casale was able to distinguish himself with a superb save. The Vorarlbergers had notable problems in the starting phase to present themselves offensively. The sequence of the first Altach attack was difficult. Stumberger attacks Bischof in the penalty area “very aggressively”. Instead of the required penalty, the referee decided a corner kick. Gaudino brought this to central Nimaga. He heads relatively unchallenged to make the score 0: 1. Another corner kick should secure a second goal just before the end of the first half. A corner kick was blocked by Gaudino in front of Schreiner’s legs. His shot was blocked by Stumberger to make it 2-0 at the break (36′).

After the break, relatively little happened on both sides. In the 59th minute, Gaudino hit the crossbar with a free kick (59). On the flip side, Tyrolean also had bad luck with aluminum after about 60 seconds. A shot from Breca from the inner bar rebounded into the field (60 minutes). Ten minutes later, the ball swung past the host’s net for the third time. But the bishop was offside. The hosts tried hard and played intensely. The guests scored the third goal. In a counterattack, Monschein served Bischoff. He cheated on Rogel and Bohonk who didn’t get upset with him and completed the goal to score 0:3 (79th position). As a result, each team had a good chance. In the end, it was Vorarlburger’s away win.

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In the schedule, the SCR Altach closes on the TSV Hartberg. The Vorarlbergers are now within the distance of the fourth strike (WSG Tirol/1 point behind), third (Admira/2) and third (LASK/3rd).

WSG Tirol vs. SCR Altach 0:3 (0:2)
Tivoli Stadium, 1450 spectators, SR Schüttengruber

Targets: Nimaga (17), carpenter (37), bishop (79)

WSG Tirol: F. Oswald – Bacher (46 / Skrbo), Behounek, Stumberger, Schulz (82nd Smith) – Müller (46 / Vrioni), Blume – Rogelj, Ogrinec (69/Ertlthaler), Prica (82nd / Tomic) – Sabitzer
SCR Altach: Casali – Strauss, Zwischenbrugger, Nanizayamo – Mischitz (91./Reiter), Haudum (76./Aigner), Gaudino (91./Prokop), Nimaga, Schreiner (91. Netzer) – Bishop (83. Nuhiu) twitter