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Next Zero for coach Schmidt and Hartberg - SV Ride defends top spot in qualifying group - Bundesliga

Next Zero for coach Schmidt and Hartberg – SV Ride defends top spot in qualifying group – Bundesliga

The mission of “first place defense and rehabilitation” in the qualifying group German League Admiral The defeat at home (before the Bundesliga break) was for SV Guntamatic Red In a duel with the penultimate table without a win for months TSV Hartburg. Although both teams had great chances to score in front of 4,000 spectators at Jusco Arena, it was 0-0 in the end. For Hartberg in Reed’s fifth guest appearance (including the cup) for the first time something countable, the third zero in Game Four for Klaus Schmidt. Reed still defended the first place in the qualifying group with a tie, but director Stephen Knots (photo) loses after being disqualified.

After both teams chased each other for a quarter of an hour and a five-man streak of defense recently came from TSV Neo coach Klaus Schmidt, who made a total of five personnel changes in his starting eleven compared to a 0-1 home defeat against WSG Tirol a week ago, against bis So far, head fielder Rieder hasn’t “burned” anything, the Hartbergers have come to their switching moments. And two better scoring chances!

After a skewed shot at the start, Rieder’s backside was not sorted. Jürgen Lemerer – the 19-year-old was a favourite over veteran Dario Tadic and made his Bundesliga debut from today’s 11 – prevailed after a pass from Paintzel through the body bluff, but failed single-handedly in front of goalkeeper Sahin Radlinger due to his responsive backing (min 19). ). A skilful defense by foot of Rieder Rückhalt, who soon saw how his captain Marcel Ziegel had been skillfully attacked when he was advancing sixteen years ago. Hartburgers pressed well and so the ball found its way to former player Ryder Paintsil, who, however, was unable to take the opportunity. Hartberger’s offensive player locks the ball very quickly from a promising position and about eight meters above it. TSV Team 2’s first goal chance.

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Micick’s massive chance of scoring alone against responsive Swete

Ryder found it difficult to face Hartburgers who were defensively disciplined and only came up with their first and almost only goal chance at the end of the first half. After a minute cross from the left by Stefan Nutz, Leo Mikic was completely empty at the left post, skillfully took the ball with his chest and then found his master in goalkeeper Swete from a few meters away. The 31-year-old TSV commander did a good job and fired the under-fired shot with enough force with his left hand.

Former Raider Seth Paintsil (left) – the 25-year-old forward from Ghana – kept the defense around Red’s Luka Meisel busy at one point or another during Hartberg’s famous substitution moments, especially in the first half.

After the user is disqualified, TSV almost runs a lucky punch in injury time

After changing sides, soccer ball in approximately one direction in the direction of the guest residence. But with luck, skill and strong responsive goalkeeper Rene Sweety, Hartberg’s multi-legged defense defended De Nul after shots by Bomer (51 min, Keynes saved on the goal line), Bajic (63 min, ex) and Nene (77 min, parade). Gorgeous Swete).

But then Red’s manager Stephen Knotts was sent off after a foul on Hartburg defender Thomas Reuter, so the match almost took a surprising turn in the final minutes. But SVR goalkeeper Samuel Saheen-Radlinger was by no means inferior to his opponent and brilliantly matched the five-minute stoppage time against Keynes’ long-range shot. After that, Dario Tadic just missed the goal, so TSV has not scored a goal in seven matches. Draw based on the ultimate performance.

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SV Ried Commander Marcel Seigl: “We took the point today. Both teams had two good chances to score. We made minor and technical mistakes today. We faced the open knife a few times. We were also not clean at times. It’s going to be hard to win. It’s not our last game, it’s a performance X game at the end.”

TSV Captain Renee Sweet: “If you keep not scoring goals, the logical score is 0-0. But I think it was a decent performance from us today and we created our chances. We’ve only conceded one goal in the last four games. We have to do it. Score ahead and that’s where we have to.” It is the heart of the noose.”

TSV Gunmatic Red – TSV Egger-Glas Hartberg 0:0

Saturday, April 9, 2022; Jusco Arena, Viewers: 4000 SR: Daniel Pfister

SV Red: Saheen Radlinger; Wießmeier, Meisl, Plavotic, Pomer; Stosic, Zegel (ch); Bajic (82. F. Seiwald), S. Nutz, Mikic (69. Chabbi); Nene (90 satin).

TSV Hartburg: Sweet (Chapter); Horvat (88 Schantl), Steinwender (57 Erhardt), Rotter, Gollner, Klem; Caines, Diarra, Aidan; Lemmerer (Schmerböck 64), Paintsil (Tadic 57).

Portals: Nobody

GC: Stosek/Horvat, Sweet – RC: Stefan Knotts (False, 85.)

Feature Film in Live Picker From the league gate!

Image credit: GEPA-ADMIRAL