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Improve your WiFi at home: Strengthen your router signal with the Fritzbox trick

Improve your WiFi at home: Strengthen your router signal with the Fritzbox trick

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If the WLAN does not show its full power, it can be very annoying. But with trick you can make an amplifier.

Dortmund – Your favorite series is on hold, working from home is difficult, and in some corners of the apartment it is not even possible to browse your Instagram feed? Then it’s time to take action and improve your home WiFi network.

Improve your home WiFi: Boost your router signal with a DIY repeater

The so-called repeater amplifies the router signal in the home network and ensures a greater range of the WLAN in the home. So, if the WiFi at home does not reach every corner, it is used. The cost of a new repeater ranges between €20 and €80 – but many consumers can afford that for themselves.

Because consumers can easily build a repeater themselves. That’s right, this works. All that is needed is an old Fritzbox (router), which many consumers probably still have at home.

Build a WLAN repeater using an old Fritzbox: Improve router reception at home

AVM – manufacturer of Fritz boxes – explains how they work. Below we talk about the old Fritzbox, which was converted into a repeater, and the current Fritzbox, which serves as a base station (more digital topics in RUHR24).

An old Fritzbox can be converted into a repeater. © Michael Billmeyer/Imago

For the conversion to a WLAN repeater to work, the WLAN radio network name (SSID) of the base station must be visible and the operating system of the Fritz boxes must be up to date. These are the steps to improve your WiFi network:

  1. The Fritzbox repeater must be connected to a computer – via WLAN or network cable.
  2. Open the Fritzbox user interface and select “WLAN”.
  3. Select “Duplicate” here and activate it.
  4. Under Select Base Station, select the base station’s wireless network.
  5. Enter the base station’s WiFi key.
  6. Click Apply to save the settings.
  7. Important: From now on, your old Fritzbox is set up as a WLAN repeater and can no longer be accessed on, but only via the base station’s home network overview.
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Strengthening the WiFi network in the apartment: just create a repeater yourself

Some important settings have already been made. But in order for your old Fritzbox to be able to strengthen the WLAN network at home, some additional steps must be taken into account. WLAN devices will always automatically log in to the Fritzbox with the best reception:

  1. Click “WLAN” in the user interface of the Fritzbox (base station).
  2. Select “Radio Network”.
  3. For the wireless network used, enter the same name that was set up on the base station under “Wireless WLAN Name (SSID)”.
  4. Click “Apply”.
  5. Enable the “WPA Encryption” option.
  6. In the “WPA Mode” drop-down list, select the “WPA2 (CCMP)” option. If necessary, select the “WPA + WPA2” option if not all devices support WPA2 encryption.
  7. Enter the corresponding base station key in the “WLAN Key” field.
  8. Click “Apply”.

Better WiFi reception at home: The Fritzbox becomes a subwoofer

Homemade repeater for better WiFi reception in the apartment is ready. In order for the Fritzbox to be able to distribute WLAN well, it must be set up in such a way that it can receive the base station’s WLAN radio network in good quality.

So it may be worth keeping your old router. With just a few clicks, you can optimize your WiFi network and it’s free.