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Improving the prediction of cancer survival: a new approach using the cancer research platform from EpiVax Therapeutics

Providence, Rhode Island (OTS / PRNewswire) EpiVax Therapeutics, Inc. (“EVT”) for publication “Multistage screening of the HLA and TCR interfaces of Neoantigens improves predictability of survival” in Scientific Reports. This study demonstrates a superior method for analyzing the survival of cancer patients using the EVT Ancer platform. EVT is separated from EpiVax, Inc. In 2017 for the use of EpiVax tools in clinical research.

Based on validated tools in Siliko EpiMatrix India Janus Matrix Anser analyzes individual mutagenic carcinomas to determine the presence of T-cell epitopes that are potentially immune. The concept behind Ancer is that the presence of the mutation alone is not sufficient to generate a protective immune response, but the differences that exist between the normal sequence (human genome) and the mutated sequence on the side of the epitope responsible for T-cells that can be identified (the TCR side) must be considered when developing accurate cancer vaccines And predict the survival rates of cancer patients. This is because some mutations create self-similar epitopes that the immune system can tolerate.

Researchers compared three methods of analyzing metastasized carcinomas and evaluated their ability to predict patient progression. The better-performing method, Ancer, improved the distinction between patients who performed poorly and those who performed well and expected survival outcomes of approximately 6 years more than other methods that predicted up to only 3 years. This study has important implications for our ability to identify patients at high risk of tumor progression and early mortality based on the tumor genome.

On the impact of the study, Dr. said. Randy Sweiss of the University of Chicago: “These results indicate that determining the number of true new perspectives using Ancer could represent a new predictive or predictive biomarker for cancer patients.” Dr. EVT co-founder Annie de Groot suggested, “In addition to identifying biomarkers, new accurate Ancer vaccines offer impressive advantages over other methods for individual cancer patients, as Ancer prioritizes genuinely immunological CD8 and CD4 novel endoscopes while new similar or blocking endoscopes are removed. . “

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Visit Scientific Reports for the free full text.

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EVT uses world-leading technology, developed over 23 years, to produce vaccines EpiVax Which aims to activate T cells in the body to treat or prevent diseases in the host. The EVT pipeline includes both a COVID-19 vaccine and a personal vaccine against bladder cancer.

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