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France prohibits demonstrations in the Middle East and Berlin is concerned

The protest, which was scheduled to take place in Paris on Saturday, was banned for fear of riots. In Germany, there is growing concern about more riots.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has planned Middle Eastern demonstrations in Paris banned. Darmanin announced Thursday via Twitter as one of the reasons that in 2014, public order was disrupted. Seven years ago, thousands of people demonstrated against the then-Israeli military offensive in the Gaza Strip. During the riots, rioters also attacked a synagogue and Jewish shops.

Darmanin said he instructed the Paris police chief to ban the demonstrations on Saturday. He did not participate in the demonstrations. As the highest representatives of the central state in individual regions, rulers were required to be especially vigilant.

There was also a demonstration in Vienna on Wednesday. There were no riots, but apparently Anti-Semitic slogans were chanted. There were also pro-Palestinian rallies in many other countries.

Berlin is worried

In Germany, concerns over further riots are mounting after the attacks on Jewish facilities on Wednesday. Politicians from nearly all parties criticized the anti-Semitic shouts of dozens of people who raised Turkish and Palestinian flags in front of a synagogue in Gelsenkirchen. On Tuesday evening, Israeli flags burned in front of synagogues in Germany and one of the entrance was damaged by stone throwing.

The Central Council of Jews posted a video on Twitter showing protests in front of the synagogue in Gelsenkirchen, and the comment added: “This is pure anti-Semitism, nothing else.”

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas called for better protection of synagogues. A spokesman for the German Interior Ministry said on Thursday when asked that “the security authorities expect to increase the demonstration activities of Palestinians in Germany and parts of the leftist scene.” In Berlin, according to police of pro-Palestinian groups, three demonstrations were announced in Neuk├Âlln and Kreuzberg over the weekend.

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As the conflict in Gaza escalated, Palestinian militants continued rocket attacks on Israel. For its part, the Israeli army continued intensive attacks on the coastal area.

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