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In March 2025 – The Nockis will come to Hollabrunn with their new album

In March 2025 – The Nockis will come to Hollabrunn with their new album

The Nockis family comes to Hollabrunn (from left): Siegfried Wellmann, Gottfried Forscher, Thomas Trinkel, Wilfried Federschwinger, Markus Holzer.

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Hollabrunn can look forward to performing as true stars of the popular music scene. On March 22, 2025, the Rolling Stones, the most successful Austrian band, will come from Austria: the Nockis will give a concert in the Sports Hall. Tickets for this are already available.

Event director Wolfgang Werner has pulled off a coup for Hollabrunn: he expects more than 1,000 fans in attendance when Nockis comes around Friedl Würcher to the Hollabrunn sports hall on March 22, 2025. They celebrated their 40th anniversary two years ago, making them something of a “Rolling Stones” in the German business world .

So it is fitting that a new album is released on June 14: “fühlsecht” is full of twelve new songs, which are primarily about love memories of past romances, and romantic and deep feelings of love – in other words, “fühlsecht” in feeling sincere. The single “Mary, I'll Never Forget You” will be shown on TV for the first time on June 15 on the big show “When the Music Plays Summer Open Air” (on ORF 2 and MDR live from 8:15 p.m.) and was at number one in Austria Last week on a local radio show.

Nockis albums went straight to number one in Austria 13 times. With 38 gold records and 29 platinum records, the folk musicians are among the absolute stars of the scene.

By the way: As is the case every year, this year the traditional “Nockisfest” will be held in Millstadt am See. The most famous concert in Carinthia will take place from 13 to 15 September 2024. This time, the team of composers and composers of the “fühlsecht” also includes Wolfgang Hofer, lyricist of countless hit songs by Udo Jürgens. For the Nockis family, he wrote the texts “Forever Sirtaki” and “If I Only Had One Day”. Star author Bernd Opinioner also shares the book “Did You Tell Her?”

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Tickets for the Hollabrunn concert are already available via the NÖN ticket store (NÖ

New album cover "passionate"

Cover of the new album “Emotional”.

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