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In Overwatch 2, every hero will soon be able to heal themselves and fans are hating on it

In Overwatch 2, every hero will soon be able to heal themselves and fans are hating on it

In order to combat the frustration of players in Overwatch 2 whose teams can't work together properly, Blizzard has now thought of something. In Season 9, all heroes should receive passive healing. Currently, only Support Heroes have such a bonus.

Is Blizzard making the game easier for beginners?

Naturally, the tank's basic ability and heroes' damage should be weaker and the developer describes it as a “modified and weakened version of the passive support for self-healing.” This means that all players become less dependent on support characters.

Blizzard's contribution says: “When a team works together – each player fully committed to their hero and relying on the other to execute a strategy – the game feels magical. There is truly no other FPS to compare to.”

“However, when this is not the case and all players are left to their own devices, the game is far from magical and can become frustrating. Relying on other players can be both one of the best and worst features of our game.”

According to Blizzard, this will not only make tanks and heroes more independent, but will also take some pressure off support players.

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Fans are already criticizing the change

There are already many critical voices about this change online. In fact, a change like this could turn the entire game upside down, and could lose the essence of what fans love about the competitive shooter.

The game, which actually focuses on team performance, shifts its focus to individual achievements. This may have advantages, especially for newcomers. However, players fear that multiplayer is becoming less important.

Even abilities like Soldier's Healing Field or Mei's Cryogenic Freeze are rarely really useful due to passive healing. For heroes like Hanzo or Widowmaker, such a heal means that their status as snipers will be further enhanced.

What about the small healing packs scattered around the map? Aren't these specifically there to allow players who currently don't have Mercy behind them to get a small dose of life? Criticism gathered under the game director's tweet.

Aaron Keller has already commented on this change Reported to speak. He states that the new passive self-healing is only “one part of a much larger series of changes.”

“It was a mistake to talk about this change out of context, because it is part of a much larger package coming for Season 9,” Keller said. “I apologize and look forward to further discussions about balance changes in S9 as we announce more details.”

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