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In response to the oil depot fire: the British anger Moscow

In response to the oil depot fire: the British anger Moscow

Revenge of the oil depot fire
The British provoke the wrath of Moscow

Oil depots are burning in Russia. London considers such attacks as legitimate self-defense by Ukraine. Moscow responded angrily, threatening to use long-range missiles. The target will then be “decision centers in Kyiv”, regardless of Western visitors there.

The government in Moscow warns Britain against encouraging Ukraine to attack Russian territory. The Russian Ministry of Defense referred to comments by British Foreign Secretary James Heeby on the BBC, in which Hebey described Ukraine’s attacks on supply lines inside Russia as legitimate. The Ministry of Defense said that if Britain directly encouraged the leadership in Kyiv to take such measures, and if such measures were implemented, it would immediately result in a “proportionate response”.

“The Russian army is on alert for 24 hours to launch retaliatory strikes on decision-making centers in Kyiv with long-range and high-precision weapons.” The ministry said such measures would not necessarily be a problem for Russia if representatives of certain Western countries were present in these decision-making centers.

British weapons involved in an attack on an oil depot?

There were previously reports of a major fire at a Russian oil depot near the Ukrainian border. It was not initially clear whether the fire was caused by an attack by Ukrainian forces. But the incident sparked speculation that weapons supplied by NATO countries to Ukraine could be used on Russian soil.

Hebei said Britain “clearly” supports the Ukrainian attacks on oil depots inside Russia. It is “absolutely legitimate for Ukraine to attack” targets in Russia in order to disrupt the logistics of the Russian army and prevent further bloodshed on its territory. If weapons delivered from Great Britain are used, that “does not necessarily present a problem”. After all, there are many countries that use imported weapons. However, it is not the state in which it is produced is responsible, but the state from which it is separated, Hebei continued.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4, Hebei rejected Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s warnings that Western countries would pour fuel on the fire by supplying weapons to Ukraine. It is not excluded that, thanks to arms shipments, Ukraine will be able to successfully repel the Russian invasion. Hebei said the risk of a nuclear conflict between Russia and NATO was “extremely small.”

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