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In short: 'Far out' event wallpaper for Mac, iPhone, iPad +++ Apple finishes signing iOS 15.6.1 |  News

In short: ‘Far out’ event wallpaper for Mac, iPhone, iPad +++ Apple finishes signing iOS 15.6.1 | News

Away: Draw an invitation as wallpaper
If you’re not shy about looking up at the starry sky, you’ll probably also like Apple’s invitation graphics for the upcoming “Away” event: the company’s logo in space is an eye-catching backdrop, especially in dark environments (with dark mode activated). Unfortunately, Apple hosts the event – The graphics are mostly not available as wallpapers. Once again, Basic Apple Guy jumps in and introduces the theme for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Free download happens over here Via the user’s Google Drive folder.

Mac wallpapers from Apple Guy Basic

Once again, the graphic raises speculation: Cupertino could give the iPhone 14 a satellite connection. It is also possible to envision an astrophotography mode, which, thanks to longer exposure times and software improvements, ensures successful recordings of the night sky: some leakers have already expected such functionality on the iPhone 13 (see over here).

Downgrade to iOS 15.6 is no longer possible
iOS 15.6.1 has been available for download for compatible devices for some time. Urgent Release Required: Apple has admitted that the update will close two security holes that have already been exploited. The attackers gained full access to the target devices. Thus, downgrading is moderately reasonable – and now not possible anyway: Apple stops signing iOS 15.6 and thus prevents downgrades.

This decision was not surprising: the company usually stops signing older versions a few days after the current version is officially released. This is annoying only for those users who have problems with the latest version of the operating system – in the case of iOS 15.6.1, however, there are no known serious problems or bugs. By the way, the next update may already be iOS 16: the release is likely to appear between September 12-14.

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