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Need for Speed ​​2022: Leaked video featuring cartoon graphics

Need for Speed ​​2022: Leaked video featuring cartoon graphics

next one need for speed It doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s slated for a release in 2022. Electronic Arts (EA) hasn’t yet given us an official look at the next installment of the racing series, but a short video that has surfaced online offers an unofficial glimpse at the first.

What can speed enthusiasts look forward to in 2022? A clip was shared on Reddit today (below) that gives us a glimpse into the game’s graphics. The leaked video shows different animations.

In a few seconds we see an old car trying to crash into a large glass building. The display effect failed and the car stopped. The wing of the car jumps away. Then we see a passing NPC pass by. away from the place.

Need for Speed ​​as an anime racing game?

Somehow I find it hard to imagine that this clip was actually created need for speed Originates. So far, the series has been associated less with cartoonish optics. On the other hand, EA could also go in a completely different direction, as the franchise probably wouldn’t hold true for a racing game emulator.

The leaked video Need for Speed ​​2022 shows a jump with animation effects From Leaks and rumors

next one need for speed It should appear in December 2022 – if the rumors are true. Previously, there was talk of NovemberBut plans seem to have changed. Anyway, it has been the longest hiatus between a branch of the racing game franchise since 1997. It is said that it is no longer for the “old generation”, i.e. PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One appear.

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