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In short – the game  Sebastian Curtis on the trail of Super Mario

In short – the game Sebastian Curtis on the trail of Super Mario

After three films about Sebastian Kurz, there is now a video game focusing on the former chancellor. The satirical portal “Die Tagespresse” features the former government and the leader of the ÖVP in the new video game “Short-Game”released this week, was assigned an unflattering role.

Bribing media managers and running over red networks

In Jump ‘n’ Run, users have to guide a virtual Sebastian Kurz through impassable terrain from 2010 (the first level of three). Journalists or political opponents who want to “corrupt” Cortes on their way to their goal – the Chancellery – must be eliminated.

In order to make their way through the country’s editorial offices, players must also collect as many banknotes as possible to feed powerful media managers. Only when this is done to a sufficient extent will the opponents discover their love for the main character of the game.

Important information for the game comes from Thomas Schmid. But he’s not the only well-known face besides Curtis to make a guest appearance in the game. With Wolfgang Schüssel, a second former ÖVP chancellor is included in the game. From it, users get the key to the catacombs, where Reinhold Mitterlehner is chained. Several “Hackl” are then thrown onto the Miterliner’s back.

There are also kissing grandmothers as opponents who can be repelled with a dry schnitzel. This is the only way to be sure that they “actually ate anyway.” The red nets and communist judges also pose a danger to the protagonist, and therefore must be run over by Gernot Blümel’s armored car.

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The daily press wants to use the game to help Sebastian Kurz awaken his enthusiasm for a new and honest politics. “We consider him a young and fresh talent who urgently belongs to the top of the Republic. There are too many career politicians who have never had a job in the private sector or as a global strategist. It’s time,” wrote the satirical portal.

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