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In the future, this will happen if you double-click on a WhatsApp message

In the future, anyone who double-clicks on a message on WhatsApp will trigger a specific function. Read here what it is.

WhatsApp is rolling out a new iOS beta through the TestFlight beta program, bumping the version to What’s new to find? In the new beta, WhatsApp is working on a double tap for message reactions.

The double click action automatically sends a reaction without having to open the context menu. Currently, the default reaction is the “cool” emoji, and there doesn’t seem to be an option to select a different emoji.

Double tap on WhatsApp messages: The purpose of the function is to make emoji reactions more familiar

WhatsApp users no longer have to open the context menu to reply with a thumbs up.

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The thumbs up icon, along with the heart emoji, is a popular choice for reactions across other messaging apps and social media platforms. By choosing an emoji that is already used in similar contexts, WhatsApp aims to make this feature more familiar to users.

It is not yet clear when the feature will finally be rolled out to all users. However, previous examples have shown that this does not have to take long with WhatsApp.

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