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In the U.S., a strange burger attracts attention with a beta code

In the U.S., a strange burger attracts attention with a beta code

In the US, Diablo fans can get a beta key when they order a burger from KFC.

Blizzard is currently using every PR measure imaginable to promote Diablo 4. As per the title, nothing is sacred to the publisher here. After a hellish fashion show recently took place in Milan, including a Diablo collection and even a real church painted with images from the game, now comes the biggest devilry: a burger.

You read that right. Diablo 4 has collaborated with Kentucky Fried Chicken, a fast food chain in the US, to release some beta keys for this purpose. The campaign was announced on Twitter, where you can also admire Angel Inarius and Chicken Burger:

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How exactly does the action work?

This action is only possible in the US, so you don’t need it in this country Beliefs closer It might even be better, because Blizzard has chosen the most ridiculous burger in the entire KFC range.

In the US, beta access is available to everyone via email He ordered the so-called Double Down online or through an app. It’s a chicken burger, two pieces of fried chicken topped with a little cheese and bacon. That’s it.

This strange dish also existed in Germany for a while, but is no longer available. What do we know? Because he actually has his own Wikipedia page.

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How to enter the closed beta in Germany?

In Germany you don’t have to order a chicken sandwich that harms your beta index. Here you can pre-order Diablo 4 or snag another truly devilish deal.

A very attractive website has a lot of keys currently being dusted off. Interested? Then I will give only this link here. Without any intention or anything.

What do you think of this updated PR campaign from Blizzard? Do you think such collaborations are good or stupid? More important? Have you ever ordered this double down? Would you like to come back for sale in this country? How did it taste? Let us know the answers to these questions in the comments! And do you already have a beta key?