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USA: Police set fire to man using taser – News Abroad

He is a renowned high school athlete. Jason Jones, 29, is now in the intensive care unit with severe burns. His health is considered to be worrying.

Cause: The American set himself on fire after being shot with a taser during a police operation. Several American media outlets have reported on this.

Accordingly, the incident is as follows: The 29-year-old appeared Friday intoxicated at a police station in Gateskill, New York. There he is said to have engaged in an argument with the authorities.

Law enforcement officers fired a taser at Jones. Immediately the American caught fire and burned! Because: The accused invader previously poured himself with a highly flammable hand disinfectant.

Police Chief Dave Darling called the incident “terrible” and took his officers to safety. “I think they should protect him from harming themselves.” There were many more details to clarify.

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The important question is whether law enforcement officers knew in advance of their tasers that Jason Jones was showered with flammable liquid. An informed source inside the law enforcement agencies said: “Times UnionThe young man tore some clothes and poured himself in the presence of police officers. Chief Darling did not answer questions about this.

Kevin Loubrand represents the burned family. The lawyer announced that he wanted to evaluate the video content. According to Dave Darling, police are not wearing body cameras, but there are cameras at the station.

The use of tasers is controversial. Two deaths related to remote electric-pulse devices occurred in Germany in early October. A 39-year-old man died in Lower Saxony, while a 53-year-old died in the Rhineland-Palatinate..

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