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In this image you can see more than 45,000 galaxies

In this image you can see more than 45,000 galaxies

© NASA / ESA / CSA / Brant Robertson (UC Santa Cruz) / Ben Johnson (CfA) / Sandro Tacchella (Cambridge) / Marcia Rieke (University of Arizona) / Daniel Eisenstein (CfA) // Image processing: Alyssa Pagan (STScI)

the NASA “Here you see over 45,000 galaxies,” he proudly tweeted a few days ago. with the James Webb Telescope Get a deep look at spiral galaxies like the Milky Way. James Webb Telescope, which collects a lot of light and with it own infrared cameras Peering through thick clouds of space dust also reveals ancient galaxies in the image that once appeared only as faint specks.

The James Webb Telescope allows you to look deeply into galaxies

Kevin Heinlein, an astronomer at the University of Arizona, explained, according to NASA ad Commenting: “Now we can see old galaxies too, and some really are Extended objects with visual structure Actions. We can only see clusters of stars a few hundred million years to be born after the beginning of time.”

The James Webb Telescope is helping NASA discover more galaxies than ever before. Prior to that, researchers had only found a few dozen of them Younger than 650 million years old He was. The James Webb Telescope quickly changed that. However, astronomers also study other groups of star factories in the universe.

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