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In this viral Steam game, you can just tap a banana

In this viral Steam game, you can just tap a banana

more than 600,000 players simultaneously Thus it is currently #4 on the Steam – PC Game Charts”banana“It looks like a lot of fun. However, the gameplay is fairly simple. You just tap a banana.

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Like an NFT, only without the corresponding technology

However, it's not that simple. Anyone who taps the fruit can receive several limited edition banana stickers. They can in turn be offered on the Steam Marketplace for real money. Offers range from 0.03 cents to $1,400 Bored Ape NFT hype He sends his regards. A banana is guaranteed every 3 hours which is the maximum 8 bananas daily.

If you don't want to spend the whole day tapping a banana, you can use stickers too About 25 cents each Purchase from Steam Store. The game itself is free. The developers also reject claims that it is some kind of clicker scam actions, simply say that “Very stupid game” he.

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By the way, the game has been around since the end of April, but the game is only gaining popularity At the beginning of June. Since then, a real banana economy has developed – 100,000 bananas have already been traded. This is also profitable for developers, as they get benefits 10 percent of each transaction.

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Developers control the banana supply

However, you don't have to expect that you will get rich quickly by clicking on a banana every now and then. Beneficiaries are almost exclusively developers who use the offer Apparently “rare” collector's items. Checks. A suspected developer was banned from Steam a few years ago due to a similar scam.

The Steam strike is likely to only succeed in the short term. Similar game – “an egg” – has been around since the beginning of the year and has long since passed its peak. However, “Egg” has never achieved the popularity of “Banana,” which is why it will be interesting to see when the banana hype will end.

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