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In which Zelda timeline does Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom fit?

In which Zelda timeline does Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom fit?

Which The Legend of Zelda timeline does Kingdom Tears fit into? As with “BotW”, it’s only guesswork among fans!


Eiji Onumaproducer of The Legend of Zelda series, has always been an enigma when it comes to Games schedule Goes, and Kingdom Tears is no exception. Although desperate fans look for clues in Hyrule, Aonuma doesn’t tell us where Tears of the Kingdom fits into Nintendo’s series timeline. Therefore, fans will have to draw their own conclusions. As with “Breath of the Wild”.

This information comes from an interview with Washington Post, which continued shortly after the highly successful launch of Kingdom’s Tears. Despite being one of the biggest Nintendo Switch games, we shouldn’t expect Aonuma to explain Zelda’s story. He and the team clearly feel the game speaks for itself.

What is the Zelda timeline set in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom?

This follows the changes that “Breath of the Wild” will bring to the gameplay and story of the game The Legend of Zelda Bring. Even long after release, fans aren’t sure where it fits in the timeline, and Tears of the Kingdom does little to provide clarity. Onuma is happy about that.

“I will leave it to the fans and hope they discuss it further,” Onuma said. “I’m excited to see where these discussions will lead.”

While Aonuma isn’t giving anything away, he and his team seem to have their own ideas for how Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom can fit into The Legend of Zelda series as a whole. However, after years of development, they seem content to watch fans desperately try to decipher the clues they left behind.

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No time allocation possible?

Many attempts have been made over the years to bring The Legend of Zelda series into a linear timeline. However, this doesn’t work well when some games openly contradict each other and feature different interpretations of the same characters.

For this reason, timelines are often divided into branching paths and different ages. For example, it is often assumed that after Ocarina of Time, the universe split into three parts: one in which Link was defeated, the Other won, and one in which Ganon was mined. Unfortunately, “Breath of the Wild” and “Tears of the Kingdom” do not belong in this timeline, although one theory is that these games take place after the three timelines merge.

The Legend of Zelda

Nintendo made history with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. – (C) Nintendo

Kingdom Tears has just come out, and fans will no doubt be developing new theories as they make their way through this version of Hyrule. Don’t expect Aonuma to announce anything legal anytime soon – he’s enjoying it for fans trying to figure it out for themselves. This isn’t going to change anytime soon!

The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears Available for Nintendo Switch since May 12, 2023.