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Parade of a planet in the sky: a rare phenomenon that can be seen today

rare phenomenon
Standing in front of the stars: ‘Planet Parade’ is currently running

Bright gaseous Jupiter also joins the planetary parade

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Currently there is a rare constellation in the sky – the so-called parade of planets. Several planets of the solar system can be seen in succession at the same time.

Currently, a procession of planets can be seen at dawn. This is the name given to a constellation where the planets in our solar system appear to align when viewed from Earth. A rather rare phenomenon.

It is also unusual that these planets, which revolve around the sun like planet Earth, can be seen with the naked eye. The BBC said in an article about the phenomenon, which appeared in 2004 and will not appear again until 2040, that it is lined up like “pearls on a string”.

However, if you want to see the planets lined up in a line, you should get up early, because the constellation is primarily visible at sunrise, according to current articles on the topic. Then you can spot Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn when the sky is clear. In theory, you can even see all seven planets – but Uranus and Neptune are too far from Earth and faint so you can’t see them after all.

Mercury gets a lot of light in the planetary parade

The planet closest to the sun, Mercury, is also barely visible or not visible at all, which limits “knowledge of SWR”. Because it is overtaken by bright sunlight. However, Mercury should be visible from the southern hemisphere.

After all – of the seven planets that revolve around the sun in addition to the Earth, four can be seen in the early morning hours on a clear sky.

The current constellation is also special because the planets can be seen in the exact order in which they orbit the Earth, the BBC notes.

The phenomenon, also known as coupling, was most evident on Friday morning. But until Monday morning, astronomy fans have the opportunity to enjoy the parade of planets. After that, the beautiful and rare arrangement in the morning sky ended.

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