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‘Inaccurate and embarrassing’, ‘his football falters’

‘Inaccurate and embarrassing’, ‘his football falters’

Prior to his injury-related substitution at the break in Paris Saint-Germain’s 2-1 win over OSC Lille in Ligue 1, the Argentine had achieved little. His appearance in Ligue 1 with Paris Saint-Germain is more and more perplexing.

Paris coach Mauricio Pochettino justified replacing Messi in the break for Mauro Icardi as a purely “precautionary measure”: “He wasn’t able to continue playing, but it’s no big deal,” Pochettino said on Amazon Prime after the match. 2-1 against Master Lil.

However, Pochettino also noted that PSG did not attack in the first half. “Lil knows us well,” Pochettino said. “We weren’t able to feed our attacking players and control the game. But I don’t think swapping one player or one position changes everything.”

Messi, who appeared in the wrong ninth place, hardly did anything against Lille. “It was 45 minutes that did not deserve his legendary talent,” the team said. “He was inaccurate in front of goal and in his passports.” Le Figaro, but at the same time taking Messi under protection a little. After all, the six-time Ballon d’Or winner isn’t the only Parisian “football more stammer”.

France’s biggest sports newspaper, L’Equipe, gave Messi a poor score of 3 (10 being the best) and wrote: “The Argentine, in no position, seemed unable to use his incredible technique to his advantage to use his teammates.” Messi appeared “inaccurate and confusing”.

Lionel Messi from Paris Saint-Germain: No one is worse at this statistic

In five matches and a total of 325 minutes of playing time, Messi is still waiting for the top scorer point in the French Ligue 1. According to Opta, no player in Ligue 1 has shot on goal as unsuccessfully as the star (15 shots).

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Wednesday at RB Leipzig (Liveticker) Lionel Messi should be there again. The Argentine has already scored three times in the Champions League, and in the first leg against RB Leipzig, he secured Paris Saint-Germain’s double win.