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Schwaz dominated the standings with a derby victory in Fügen – Football Tirol – results, tables and scorers from all leagues in Tirol.

In Round 17 of Regionalliga Tirol, the unexpected happened. SV Telfs lost the championship lead – a very surprising 1:2 defeat at Kufstein, which could force its way out of the valley. subordinate SC Igloo Chois He took advantage of this defeat against the Telefs and won 2-0 for sure Join SV the top of the table. Setback for Reichenau – 1:2 at Wacker Innsbruck 2. Kitzbühel leaves it crashing – 7:0 in SVI. This means that on the last day of October 2021, Wörgl will have the opportunity to knock Telfs out of the qualifying area and finish second in the table with a win at the WSG Tirol Amateurs (start at 11am). Kitzbühel could also catch the playoffs at home against Vaughn by winning the supplemental game on November 2, 21 at 11 a.m.

Redemption for Schwaz only at 85

About 500 spectators and fans could not miss the derby between Fügen and Schwaz at the Fügen Sports Arena. Roles are clearly assigned. After a cautious start, Schwaz really took off on the last laps. Fügen has one goal: to keep his class. That certainly won’t be decided until spring, when the first 2 turn into a playoff from Regionalliga West and the remaining teams determine which teams are relegated to the second division. From the first minute, Choaz played the favorites very well on the pitch. Control the game and the first cheers should be there quickly. It was the sixteenth minute. Patrick Knuflach stops with a Stanglpass – Philip Rigler turns into Schouaz’s opening goal. Schwaz also found two other very good chances, but in the first half the match was very close in terms of score – Schwaz “only” leads 1-0.

Similar conditions in the second half. Joining does not succeed in embarrassing the guests. Robert Wildauer and Florian Bischofer came for the break, Manuel Yokrem in the 68th and Andre Egger in the 83rd. But Chois can’t keep up and so the match remains close. Only in the 85th minute Harald Seahak crossed and made up 2-0 through Fabian Reiser. Choaz’s win is well deserved, but Fügen has managed to keep the game open for so long. This was primarily due to Shawaz’s poor assessment of opportunities.

Best Player SC Eglo Schwaz: Philip Riegler (ST), Lucas Wackerley (gate), Sandro Neuwirter

Akef Strong, coach SC Igloo Chois: “The atmosphere in the derby was great and almost everything went well for us today. We controlled the game and didn’t allow Vigne to defend anything. We only came out in the 85th minute, a great performance, but the chances were not good. Great weekend. And a very big blanket of praise for my team!”

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