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Incredible Discovery: James Webb Pictures Released in IMAX Theatres

Incredible Discovery: James Webb Pictures Released in IMAX Theatres

Those excited about the images sent back to Earth by the James Webb Space Telescope should secure a ticket to an IMAX theater starting in October. Whether it’s cosmic descents, dark stars or black holes – exciting images are now being “photographed” by the telescope.


“Deep Sky” premieres in the fall

The James Webb Space Telescope has been on the move for more than a year and has been providing the most impressive images from space since then. Now the discoveries are being prepared as a “Deep Sky” documentary in IMAX cinemas.

Deep Sky is a 40-minute spectacle for astronomy fans. IMAX recently announced that Crazy Boat Pictures and Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Nathaniel Kahn have joined the project.

James Webb Telescope: Orion Nebula

The movie team from the beginning

The documentary delves into the $10 billion JWST design and construction process, showing the historic launch on December 25, 2021, and the release of the first color imagery of the galaxies on July 12, 2022.

For Deep Sky, the images captured by the telescope at a distance of about 1.6 million kilometers from Earth have been specially processed and annotated with a lot of background information.

The James Webb Telescope took the first pictures of cosmic slopes

Videos of the James Webb Telescope

“If ever there was a theme built specifically for IMAX screens, this is it,” said director Nathaniel Kahn. “The IMAX format allows you to enjoy the amazing resolution of the new NASA telescope and immerse yourself in the stunning cosmic landscape.”

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“Deep Sky” is something even more special for IMAX as the company returns to the tradition of past IMAX documentaries. In addition, the public will be able to see JWST’s stunning images in a way never possible, by immersing themselves in the compelling history of scientists at NASA and the European Space Agency. The film is scheduled to open in IMAX cinemas in October 2023.

Behind the Hubble Infographic: The James Webb Space Telescope in Detail


  • The James Webb Space Telescope provides amazing images of space.
  • “Deep Sky” Documentary for IMAX Theaters: 40 minutes for astronomy fans.
  • The $10 billion JWST design and build process is documented.
  • Telescope launch, first photo publication and special image processing.
  • Deep Sky allows you to enjoy the amazing resolution of a telescope.
  • IMAX returns to earlier documentary traditions with the film.
  • To be shown across the IMAX cinema network from October 2023.

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