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Incredible return to Asiago!  Pioneers remain on ICE’s tail light

Incredible return to Asiago! Pioneers remain on ICE’s tail light

The Vorarlberg Pioneers remain at the bottom of the table in the Hockey League winning by 2 wins!

Vorarlberg, who was able to bring the KAC team to its knees on Sunday, lost a 3-0 lead to Asiago Hockey on Tuesday, in the 28th round, and ended up losing 3-4 after overtime.

The Pioneers set the record straight early in the game. Ballstrang looks on Sandow, who makes it 1-0 early (3rd).

Just a little later, Sandhu puts together his double combo. Pull into the hole from the left and carefully close the shot (8′). The next target follows in the first third. Mafair grabbed the Asiago defense on the wrong foot and made it 3-0 (15).

In the midsection, both teams’ gaits get stiffer, so Spannring and Salinitri let their fists fly after 30 minutes.

Venoro crowns Asiago’s stunning comeback

Asiago pressed the tube at the start of the third period, but a goal wasn’t imminent until the 50th minute. McShane and Finoro combine the opposition’s defense one-two, and McShane eventually reduces it to 1:3.

Asiago’s last attack equalized: Gazzola scored first (56 minutes), 76 seconds before the end of regular time, Venoro (59) managed to make it 3-3 with another player on the ice.

It was also Finoro who scored the winning goal for Asiago in extra time and thus perfected the stunning comeback (62./PP).

Pioneers Vorarlberg stayed bottom with 19 points. Asiago comes penultimate with 21 points.

Pioneers Vorarlberg meet Asiago for the second time in 24 hours on Wednesday. starts at 19:30 (In the live broadcast bar >>>).

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