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Jan Ag Feuertoft on Erling Haaland: He will stay in Dortmund if... - Bundesliga

Jan Ag Feuertoft on Erling Haaland: He will stay in Dortmund if… – Bundesliga

Will he stay or will he leave BVB at the end of the season?

Superstar striker Erling Haaland (21 / contract until 2024) is currently missing from Borussia Dortmund due to a thigh injury. But his future is still hotly debated.

On Sunday, the 54-year-old Norwegian legend Jan Aage Fjoortoft was a guest of ‘Die Lage der Liga’, a football televised debate on BILD LIVE (every Sunday from 9:00 to 10:00), connected by video.

Fjörtoft is very knowledgeable about the Bundesliga and Norway. Between January 1999 and April 2001 he played a total of 54 matches for Eintracht Frankfurt. He also made 71 international matches for the Norwegian national team in his career.

The Norwegian spoke to mediators Walter M. Straten and Alfred Draxler about his compatriot Erling Haaland.

When asked about the future of the young striker and where Haaland is heading this summer, Fjörtoft said: “I think Haaland’s team and family don’t know where he’s heading either. Because the world of football is changing. There are a lot of things that affect that. They don’t know where he will play in Season 2021/22”.

But according to Fjörtoft, BVB is not without a chance when it comes to the striker’s whereabouts: “Haaland and his team are always looking to develop. And if that’s the case at Dortmund, he’ll stay there.”

Fjörtoft also spoke about…

Haaland as a possible replacement for Lewandowski at Bayern: “He won’t go after money because they never did. If you go to Bayern Munich, it’s a luxury issue. And Lewandowski will get angry. That seems difficult.”

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.. BVB match without Haaland and counting on him: “The game changes a lot. With Erling you never know how they play. I brought in Malin (Doniel Malin, editor’s note), but he’s no substitute for Haaland. Of course it’s a weakness when you claim to be the Bayern stalker.”

.. pressure on Haaland: “One of his strengths is that he can ignore that at the moment. I’m not worried about Erling. He always prepares himself well and puts on eight kilos of muscle in Dortmund. But: he’s not a machine, he’s a guy who’s trying to improve.”

…special Erling Haaland: “In his private life, he is a completely normal 21-year-old who explodes on the pitch. He is happy with clothes and cars that we didn’t have. I see a polite and unassuming boy who loves to play football. But when you see him on the pitch, you think he is a completely different character.”

… The match of his former team, Eintracht Frankfurt, Sunday (5.30 pm) in Bayern: “I scored the last winning goal against Bayern Munich. I would like someone to take that from me. I would like to predict an away victory, but it will be difficult. I say anyway, it will be a sense of accomplishment, and today the turning point will come – 2:2.”

Haaland’s competition

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