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“Indescribably sad” |  Pop singer Monica Martin mourns her mother

“Indescribably sad” | Pop singer Monica Martin mourns her mother

Graz pop singer Monica Martin, whose real name is Ilse Bauer, suffered a huge loss on Friday. “It is with indescribable sadness that I would like to announce that my beloved mother passed away this morning. Your Mooney,” the 61-year-old wrote on Facebook.

She also publicly announced that the singer had a particularly close relationship with her mother, Elizabeth. In an interview with “Al-Taj newspaperShe said in May 2022: “My mother is the only person in my life who has always stood by my side and never let me down. My mother did everything for me and was above doing anything to give me the best. She has always encouraged my preferences without pressure and has never been a careerist mother. I owe a lot of warmth to my parents. “No matter what I did in my life, I could go home at any time.”

At the time, her mother was in the hospital recovering from a severe stroke. After being in the hospital for several months, Monica Martin brought her home and took care of her. After that, she repeatedly posted photos with her on Facebook, letting her fans share in their lives together.

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