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Indian Pursuit: Deluxe Tour with Reserves/Performance Products

Indian Pursuit: Deluxe Tour with Reserves/Performance Products

With the Pursuit, the known Indian Challenger developed more luxury features – and accepted more weight. After all, there must be something to work with the 121 hp V2 engine with 1,768 cc.

The technical basis for Indian Pursuit is the Challenger Bagger model. The propulsion is usually American with a V2 engine, which in this case is based on a motorcycle made in India from 1916 to 24. It is called Power Plus.

With liquid cooling, four-valve technology, a six-speed gearbox and a toothed belt final drive, it’s a modern engine with a classic look. 121 hp at 5500 rpm and 178 Nm at 3800 rpm is a little more than the 16 hp Powerplus from 1916. The chassis is part cast aluminum, as is the swingarm. The front wheel runs a fork in US dollars.

A new feature of the Pursuit is the ample storage space: 133 liters is about the same as the trunk of a small car. Side bags are familiar from Challenger, and new is the rear tire with a larger carrying capacity, a giant box with a passenger backrest and a comfortable seat for the driver and passenger. Fits two full-face helmets (and maybe more) in the top case.

Running boards for the driver and front passenger, as well as heated handles, are standard. New to the Indian Pursuit is Fox’s shock absorber with electric pre-adjustable spring, actuated via the bike’s infotainment system.

The Pursuit features a 7-inch glove-friendly touchscreen display with the Ride Command system. With Ride Command, the touchscreen provides Apple CarPlay and GPS with turn-by-turn navigation and a wealth of motorcycle-related data with a customizable display.

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A new feature for Puruit is the extension of the auxiliary electronics to include ABS corner-dependent traction control, which is controlled by a Bosch IMU. LED lighting including cornering lights is available as an option. With all the features, the Indian Chase is about 40kg more weight than the base Challenger to nearly 400kg.

To take advantage of the space in the Indian Pursuit’s lower fairing, additional storage compartments or the Indian Motorcycle PowerBand audio kit can be installed. When fully equipped with PowerBand Audio, the system delivers surround sound from the front cruiser, bottom cruiser, saddlebags and upper case.

Indian Pursuit is available as a Dark Horse in darker colors and as bundled with more chrome. Both can be upgraded with an optional package called the Premium package. The Pursuit Limited Premium is available from €34,190, and the Pursuit Dark Horse Limited from €34,440.