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Infection numbers continue to decline moderately

Infection numbers continue to decline moderately

The situation in hospitals is likely to deteriorate further in the coming weeks.

One week after the opening of restaurants, bars, sports, cultural and entertainment facilities, Covid experts predict that the decline in infection rates will continue in all federal states. However, the pace at which the daily number of coronavirus cases has decreased recently will slow. In individual federal states, slight recessions or increases are possible.

The situation in hospitals will relax more. In their most recent assessment, published on Wednesday, experts predict a significant reduction in the need for intensive care. Consequently, Covid patients requiring the intensive care bed will only represent six percent of the total available capacity reported in the intensive care area. Most recently, the rate was 10.7 percent.

Falling numbers

In absolute numbers, experts predict that within two weeks (June 9) 124, in the worst case, 151 people with Covid-19 will need an intensive care bed. On Wednesday, there were 203 patients and 380 patients in regular wards. It is expected that their number will decrease to 227 within 14 days. Depending on how the specific opening steps and the resulting variable test system and weather affect, it can also be less than 200, in the worst case 286.

On Wednesday, 445 new infections were officially confirmed across Austria. This number is unlikely to decrease significantly in the near future. On average, experts continue to expect around 440 new infections per day. By next Wednesday (June 2), the number of daily new infections could be reduced to 410. The seven-day infection rate is then calculated at 34.1 cases per 100,000 population – currently 41.0. The development in the individual federal states is very different. Injury for seven days should range from 22 in Burgenland to 60 in Vorarlberg next Wednesday.

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