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Infineon Savings Program –

Infineon Savings Program –


International chipmaker Infineon announced a broad savings program on Tuesday. Annual savings in the “three-figure millions” are planned. The program also affects the Austrian subsidiary in Villach. It is not yet clear what measures will be taken at the site.

In an initial statement to ORF Kärnten, an Infineon spokeswoman in Villach said the program was about structural improvements to strengthen the group's future competitiveness.

Specific measures will be developed in the coming months. However, Infineon Velatch asks that no speculation be made regarding individual measures. The spokeswoman confirmed that there will be no layoffs for operational reasons in Austria.

First measures in Germany

The first steps are already being taken at Infineon's German site in Regensburg. The company confirmed media reports on Wednesday that hundreds of jobs would be lost there. The production area in particular is said to have been affected. However, restructuring must take place without layoffs – but rather through natural fluctuations, partial retirements and voluntary termination agreements.

“Horrified and shocked”

The interest group (IG) Mittal in Regensburg criticized Infineon's plans: “We are horrified and shocked,” said company representative Rico Ermischer. Although the administration has already set the tone for austerity measures in recent months, “such a massive measure hits everyone cold.” The union accuses the administration of wanting to transfer production to cheaper countries abroad. It demands that the board “reduce the number and immediately come to the negotiating table with the works council and IG Metall.”

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