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Financing EU leaders: Strengthening the regions –

Financing EU leaders: Strengthening the regions –


Over the past few decades, regions have emerged in Styria that work intensively together. Together, this growth has been fueled by the EU Pioneer Route, through which over €100 million has flowed into Styria since its accession to the EU.

There are now 16 Styrian leader regions. The Almenland Nature Park has been around since the beginning and has received consistently positive reviews.

Regional diversity of clients from near and far

From honey to herbs, from cheese and beef to bread – everything is from your region and can be bought at the store: pioneering projects have made it possible to offer this diverse range of products at this level within the region and beyond. “We have been able to create two paths with our regional partners, our farmers: on the one hand, we have the products for our tourists, who like to visit us very much, and on the other hand – this is the most important path for us – our customers,” says Basil businessman Andreas Reisinger. Regionalists.”

Financing EU leaders: strengthening the regions

There are now 16 pilot areas in Styria: The Almenland Nature Park has been around since the beginning, where the balance is constantly positive.

The joint vocational training project for traders in the region aims to show young people's prospects: if they stay in Almenland, additional training courses and workshops are offered to trainees from the region and are also funded by the European Union.

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“The potential is there”

Much has also been made about the local rowan berries, says Michael Graf: “On the one hand, we have created a panoramic trail of rowan berries – a natural history trail, where you can learn more about rowan berries; at the headquarters the rowan is processed and then we head towards the restaurants towards St. Catherine.

Created with EU funding, the Almo brand has now established itself. According to Alamo farmer Karl Foraber, there are about 90 Alamo cow farmers in the region: “Thank God the demand is greater than what we can produce in our department, as our meat is now available in food retailers all over Austria. But we are committed to expanding our volumes and there is potential.” .

Creating more than 100 new job opportunities

The fact that the region has benefited so much from the financing is primarily due to the fact that farmers, business owners and communities work closely and fruitfully together, emphasizes the head of the Almenland Nature Park, Erwin Gruber: “Through these projects, we have saved hundreds of jobs, but also more than 100 Newly created post!