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Infinite Reality launches Metaverse Global Center in Luxembourg

LUXEMBOURG, April 12 /PRNewswire/ Infinite truth (I) , Today, Metaverse Entertainment and Innovation announced a strategic relationship with Interdisciplinary Center for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) at the University of LuxembourgTo launch the open global metaverse of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This is an important part of the company’s European expansion plans.

This initiative, promoted by the National Agency for Innovation in Luxembourg, Luxe innovation, aiming to establish Luxembourg as a Metaverse innovation hub in Europe. As part of its forward-looking approach, the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy strives to use the latest technological developments to create the digital economy of tomorrow.

Led by Infinite Reality, this bold global initiative will advance the Metaverse experience where creators have absolute control over their own monetization potential. With this initiative, iR aims to become the first easy-to-use Metaverse, giving people on the platform direct access to potential brand partners. This open metaverse will allow major global brands, startups, local communities, universities and research centers of excellence to use the platform freely, thus promoting innovation, creativity and global responsibility.

As the first initiative in Luxembourg, iR intends to offer, in collaboration with SnT, a metaverse sandbox that can be used by local organizations to explore this advanced technology. For this metaverse sandbox, the project will create a digital twin of an area of ​​Luxembourg City that companies and public actors can explore in search of diverse business opportunities. Additionally, these potential partners will have the opportunity to create their own digital twins for specific Metaversee experiences with high-level iR and SnT support and resources.

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“Infinite Reality has a bold vision for a future with an open Metaverse, and strong relationships with like-minded strategic partners in Luxembourg will be key to our success. We have a shared interest in using digital innovations to improve everyday life and sustainable development,” said John Akonto, co-founder and CEO of Infinite Reality. “We can achieve this by driving Metaverse creation and innovation in Europe.”

Metaverse has great potential and we look forward to working with iR to address the challenges of technical research to make the open Metaverse a reality. We are pleased to serve as a strategic research partner as iR builds its operations in Europe from Luxembourg,” said Professor Bjorn Ottersten, Director of SnT.

John Akonto, CEO of iR, provided insights into the transformative impact the Metaverse will have on our daily lives as a keynote speaker at Spring IC World Technology Conference in Luxembourg.

About infinite reality

Infinite truth He promotes a revolution in data, commerce, online credibility, and digital transparency. Our vision of the open metaverse makes every brand, creator, and fan master of their own web experience, their own data, the way they distribute content and sell products, and the way they interact with each other. iR provides the tools and services businesses and innovators need to build compelling open Metaverse experiences. Our Metaverse Empowerment group consults, manages, designs, and oversees these custom features, leveraging our own internal and creative community resources. The iR Entertainment division, led by Thunder Studios, provides production, broadcast and broadcast services to the world’s best talent, brands and creators. Infinite Reality has all the resources needed to seamlessly create and stream content in and out of the Metaverse. For more information visit

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